Set List

Cornerstone // Hillsong

Defender // Upperroom

All Things Together // 10000 Fathers

Faithful To The End // Bethel

Build My Life // Housefires

The Lord Our God // Passion

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The Way of Blessing

Pastor Jose

Matthew 7:24
Matthew 5:1-16
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Needs Number

With the impact this weather has had on our area, we have established a number to text/call for arising needs. If you or somebody you know needs help please text/call the Cypress Creek Church Needs Number at:

One Thing

One Thing is a four week Sunday afternoon series for couples to grow and deepen their marriage. Each week we’ll look at one thing important to every marriage. It’s not too late to join, sign up this morning and invite a friend!



KidsVids are quick, fun, and energetic six to eight minute videos that includes a Welcome from your Kids Pastor, the Monthly Theme, Teaching Video and Memory Verse.