How was your Thanksgiving? What was great about your time, what was difficult?

Take a moment to pray and/or worship in order to shift the focus to God.  Cypress Creek Worship

RECAP: This past Sunday, Pastor Jose kicked off a new series called “God With Us”, finding significance in the seemingly insignificant details of the Christmas story, this week taking a look at the life of Zechariah.

  1. READ Matthew 1:23. How is the simple yet profound truth that God is with us significant for you personally? 

Find joy in the little things

  1. READ Luke 1:5-6. Why do we tend to focus on the “King’s” in our world instead of how God is moving? 
  1. How can you look for the little things or details of where God is moving?

Expect purpose through pain

  1. READ Luke 1:7 and 1 Corinthians 2:9. How has God used hard times in your life to help others? 

Raise up who’s next

  1. READ Luke 1:8-17. What does it look like for you to invest in the next generation? 

Trust His every word

  1. READ Luke 1:18. Why is it important to trust God’s every word instead of just the things that are easy to accept? How can you put this into action?

Mute unwise voices

  1. READ Luke 1:19-20 and James 3:13-17. How can you tell the difference between  wisdom that comes from God vs wisdom from the world?  How can we “mute” the unwise voices?

Celebrate what God’s done

  1. READ Luke 1:23-25. In what ways have you seen God move in your life in the last few weeks? 

Focus on meeting the needs inside the group. Ask for prayer requests and pray for one another.

What insignificant detail in your life do you sense God wanting you to focus in on during the busy Christmas season?